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Play Test on Drumsticks in Middle River, MD

pix is John Crocken -- practice play test on Soistman Practice Pad                                                        please  click on the purple  banners above for different pages       

 Persimmon Drumsticks    #1--#7         @ $40. pr,                                           Jatoba and Purple Heart $45.00 pr    Bass Beaters $49.95pr 

 Moeller Sticks  $50 pr

Excelsior $70 pr. Limited quantity

          Serious Sticks for                         

          Serious  Drummers    

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We offer drumsticks for  Marching Drum, type Corps #1.2.3.   Concert sticks #4 ,Drumset #5&6   Civil War #7. and a Bass Beater #8. and 2 special sticks The Excelsior and  Gus Moeller"s  perfect stick from his 1925 ed. "Instructor in the Art of Snare Drumming" Contact us today for any questions you have. We are happy to help you make the best decision for your needs based on our years of experience.

Video on making sticks-click on 3rd purple banner

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