Drumsticks in Williamsburg, VA
Wooden Drumsticks in Williamsburg, VA
Types of Drumsticks in Williamsburg, VA

Jatoba ( Brazilian cherry)  Redish color

Cherry Wood ( called Short)--sort of Tan to Pinkish---very Light in Weight


            Purple Heart--South America


Types of Wood for Drumsticks 

Different types of woods for drumsticks  will fluctuate in price depending upon availability. Contact for pricing on specialty woods. I use persimmon because I follow in the footsteps of Charles "Buck" Soistman, with whom I apprenticed. He was the last of a long line of a drum family. Charles & Frederick, which made drums in the Civil War, August, His Grandfather, Harry, his father - was mentioned in Moeller's Book -Joseph of NARD fame, Elmer and Uncle Doc, also drummer uncles.